Present Your Business Card To Prospective Customers Phones Immediately!

How are you marketing your products and services to people directly on their mobile phone?

Digital Business Cards Have A Reading Rate Of 97%, A Save Rate Of 75% And A Re-Read Rate Of 60% Potentially Making It The Most Profitable Business Communication Channel To Use For Your Business!

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Present Your Digital Business Card Any Mobile Phone, Social Media Or Digital Communication Method!

We understand that in order to grow your business you must reach and engage your customers. There is currently no better way to reach and engage them than on their mobile phones! At LOOKS we offer an extremely cost-effective way for you to present your business, product or services to prospective clients, directly on their phones!

Reach More People

LOOKS Cards Digital Business Cards have a 98% view rate, while paper cards have only a 55% view rate.

Increase Saves

LOOKS Cards Digital Business Cards have a 75% save rate, while paper cards have only a 15% save rate.

Increase Repeat Views & Sales

Digital Business Cards have a 60% repeat view rate, which can dramatically improve sales, while paper cards have only a 5% repeat view rate.

Cost Effective

With potentially more views, saves, re-views, more sales, and no printing and reprinting, your Return On Investment (ROI) is incredible with Digital Business Cards!  LOOKS Cards Digital Business Cards are the future!

Incredible Return On Investment!

Our LOOKS Cards Digital Business Cards service is the perfect solution to quickly present your digital business card and present your products and services to your potential customers and employees!

Small, Medium & Large Businesses

Networking Events

Special Promotions

Advertising campaigns

Employee Engagements

Lead Generation

Payment & Toll Collection


Training Events

New Product Announcement

Customer Engagements


Donation Collection

Loyalty Program

Any Meetup, Event or Promotion!

The Opportunity Is Endless!

Why LOOKS Cards Digital Business Cards?

Mobile is and will continue to be the communication
platform of choice for people across the globe!!

LOOKS Cards Digital Business Cards helps you to get your card, message and links in front of people
as their eyes continue to be on their mobile phones!

Every month, about Over 6 billion notification messages are broadcasted in the U.S. each day.

Over 80% of American adults read mobile notifications, making it the most common cell phone activity.

Notification messages have a 95% open rate, while email has only a 20% open rate.

Notification messages have a 45% response rate, while email only has a 6% response rate.

90% of all notification messages are read in under 3 minutes.

A whopping 75% of people would like to receive offers via nearby notifications!

87.7% of phones worldwide (Over 4.6 billion) are Nearby Notification Enabled!

Since consumers are very attached to their smartphones, mobile marketing is perceived as “friendlier” or more “familiar” to end users.

Unlike other devices, mobile devices are mostly owned by one individual who carries their devices at all times. As a result, customers can check or re-review your LOOKS Card Digital Business Card in real time and click to connect to your Phone Number, Calendar, Links to Products & Services or Survey’s and Applications (Optional Add-On) and much more!

Our LOOKS Cards Digital Business Card service is the perfect business card lead solution for the following types of business:




Heating & AC


Tradeshow Merchants


Shopping Malls

Store Owners



New Homes Sales





Bus Terminals




Mortgage Loan Officers

Automotive Service & Repair


Construction Companies

Excavation Companies


Federal, State & City Governments

Strip Malls




Ice Cream Parlors



Actors & Actresses


Sports Stadiums



Not For Profits


Hair & Nail Salons




Boy & Girl Scout Sales

Carpet Cleaners

In & Outdoor Markets

Coffee Shops


Treatment Centers

Fast Food





Bars & Grills



Synagogues & Churches

It is truly harder to think of who could not use them than who could! Can you think of others? This is truly revolutionary!

How It Works

Nearby Notification Beacon Perimeter Marketing is a highly effective way to generate leads, market your products or send alerts!

See it in action! Click Here To Schedule A Demo NOW!

1. Choose your plan

Sign up from one of our three plans that best meets your needs.

2. Choose Your Message

Select a marketing message that will work best for your business and customers.

3. Carry or Set Your Beacon Somewhere

Our beacons are small enough to carry on your key-chain, in your pocket, on your purse, or even on your belt.  As you carry or set your beacon somewhere, your message is auto-magically broadcasted to 87.7% (and climbing) of all mobile phones within a 100 yard perimeter of your beacon (reach can be limited due to thickness of walls and other obstructions).

4. Monitor Your Results

With out optional statistics reporting you can monitor your results or you can choose to monitor results using other methods!

STOP Losing Leads Now!

Have Nearby Beacon Perimeter Marketing Work For You On Autopilot 24 x 7 x 365!

No Long Term Contracts ~ Your Results Will Seal The Deal!

After a small activation fee and deposit for your device, the cost to utilize the service returns an incredible Return On Investment (R.O.I.) as overall it costs less than a cup of coffee every day!


LOOKS by Our World Marketing, is a subsidiary of Our World Enterprises LLC.  LOOKS is a mobile marketing product & service that is on the absolute leading edge of mobile advertising technology!

Our World Enterprises LLC has been working in the industry for many years now. In that time we have developed a reputation for providing first-class professionalism and outstanding customer service and support!

LOOKS offers a reliable and cost effective Nearby Beacon Perimeter Marketing solution for the individual sole proprietor, or small to enterprise class business!

Our team of Nearby Beacon Perimeter Marketing specialists are well trained and dedicated to providing excellent service and support!  

You’ll find our solution is easy to use, effective and reliable.

Our mission is to provide a high level of service and support while providing a very effective, affordable service.


LOOKS by Our World Marketing, a subsidiary of Our World Enterprises LLC is backed by a company that has a “History of Heart” that cares about its customers and their success!  After all, Our World Enterprises LLC ~”Our Hearts Are In I.T.!” ~ Is a Customer Centric, Business Solutions & Information Technology Solutions Provider. We provide Business Tools, Services and Benefits that help to ensure your individual and business success!! We are here to help with our full service Branding, Web and Email Hosting, Custom Websites & Fan Pages, Marketing, Social Media Management, Promotions, Domain Registration & Administration, Security Certificates, eCommerce, I.T. Consulting, and Talent Services for YOU and for your business / employees.

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